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Why You Should Apply for a Florida Animal Friend Grant

Pet overpopulation is a very real issue in Florida. As the human population rises, so does that of pets, many of which are not spayed or neutered. To help keep pet populations under control, and to help pets live long and healthy lives, spay and neuter assistance programs are needed at animal shelters and pet … Continued

The Need for Low Cost Pet Services Among Low Income Communities

The relationships we have with our pets should transcend all boundaries. They offer us unconditional love and support, they lend a helping paw when we’re down, and they give us loving smiles and wet kisses to cheer us up. Unfortunately for some, the cost of caring for a pet can be too high. Enter: Pets … Continued

Providing Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Services: It Takes a Village

“Take care of pets and they’ll take care of you.” ~Dr. Dale Kaplan-Stein, veterinarian and founder of St. Francis Pet Care Clinic in Gainesville, Florida.  Founded in 2007, the nonprofit St. Francis Pet Care Clinic opened its doors with the goal of providing low-cost spay and neuter services as well as other veterinary services for … Continued

Top 5 Pet Trends of 2021 From Florida Animal Friend

We love our pets and we’d do anything for them. It’s not just about basic pet care anymore, either. From making sure our pets have the best food and care, to putting thought into toys they’ll love and products that’ll keep them looking their best, there are a number of growing trends for pets. Data … Continued