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The Benefits of Having Pet Insurance

Seventy percent of U.S. households own at least one pet. Are you one of them? At Florida Animal Friend, we know you care deeply for your pet and want to provide the best pet care you can. Imagine if something happened to your pet and you had to pay for all of their medical care … Continued

The Best Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

This holiday, spoil your furry friends with the holiday pet gifts they’re sure to love! We’ve got some great pet gift ideas, whether it’s your own pet or pets of friends and family. Read on and find something pets and pet owners alike will love!  Florida Animal Friend Donation This is one gift that keeps … Continued

Creating Success from Adversity; Innovation in Animal Sheltering During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Spencer Conover (Assistant Director – Pasco County Animal Services)   The COVID-19 pandemic has been horrendous for many, life changing for all and devastating to others. We would never wish for anything like this pandemic again; however, dealing with the crisis has produced opportunities for incredible innovation and growth across many industries, including animal … Continued

What to Know About Feeding Your Pet on Thanksgiving

The joy of having a pet is great, and Thanksgiving gives us one more way to show them how thankful we are for their unconditional love. From their wet, slobbery kisses to helping paws, purring and more, we’re thankful for it all. But how can we show our pets how we feel? One of the … Continued