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Welcome to the Florida Animal Friend Pet Portal! Share your favorite pictures of your pet, check out other pets, and celebrate the wondrous world of pet ownership. Your pet might be featured on our social media channels to help promote our cause of funding organizations that offer free or low-cost spay and neuter services. We can’t wait to see your furry friends!



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Check out the pictures people have shared of their beloved animals. You may recognize a few from our social media channels.


Ms. Tinky's New Haircut

Casper Watching Squirrels

Karma the Black Kitty

Mila & Chloe the Rescue Sisters

Holly the Black Mouth Cur Rescue

Memphis Loves Crafting

Marlee Loves Her Birthday Present

Pretty Princess

Lola's First Adventure in the Grass

Little Golden with a BIG Personality

Neeko, Mom's Everything

Fiona Loves Her Parkour

Pepper Pouting

Logan Snaps a Selfie

Jack Loves Fresh Sheets

Timmy the Super Smart Tortoise

Lulu Doesn't Want to Share with Pepper

Spot Uses the Toilet

Kody Steals the Boot!

Max the Super Dog

Monte the Rescue Cutie

Sam the Box Thief

Milo and Blue

Miss Penny Made A New Friend!

Luna's Sassy Eyes

Maddie and her Bean Toes

Friyay Snugs

New Park Mess

A Warm Kitty is a Happy Kitty

Marm the Sleepy Giant

Just Hanging

Swimming with Sam

Comet and His Raccoon

Afternoon Snuggles


Annie performing her pet therapy duties at an assisted living facility.


The big guy relaxing on the front patio.

Basil sitting pretty!

Angel Joy

Forest is my beloved heart dog. I fell in love with him the moment we met. Forest is a rescue dog who was found wandering the streets. He was given to me as a gift from the love of my life before he died. Forest is my furry soul mate & brings me joy every day! He's a snuggle bug, silly, fun, smart & my best friend.


Duran waiting for mommy and daddy to come home


Adopted Andi 12 hours before Jacksonville Humane Society burned down. She is 15 and we’ve had her 13 years

Cocoa Chanel

Just thinks she is hiding




My beautiful Princess Jasmine


Nikita rescued us 11 months ago from an overly crowded inner city shelter with a very high kill rate. We stopped there 10 minutes prior to closing at 7pm with a list of 5 dogs to consider for our next fur baby. We were told Nikita was “kennel aggressive”, having been confiscated by the police from a horrible situation and not to bother to look at her as she was on the euthanasia list for 7am the next day.We took our time (well after closing!) to visit with each of the other 4 on our list, but Nikita’s pic was just pulling us to her. Just before leaving we decided to just go peek at her in her cage, expecting the worst.It was instant love! She was scared to death, but absolutely perfect in every way. We literally saved her from death’s door that night and will be forever thankful the shelter allowed us to stay past closing! Just cannot imagine our family without her.

Lola Baby

Lola let's Daddy think she is his girl. But we all know she is Mommy's girl.


MissyKitty loves to sleep on top of a potted Elm tree in back yard!


Duran is a great dog


Odin and his fresh new cut!


Just in time for Holloween, he's my little shadow.


Two can play at that one..


Smiling for the camera

Penny & Pickles

Our fur-children enjoying the dog park in our apartment complex


He found a new place to “hide” recently


This is my beautiful, sweet little Angel, Sprinkles. My beloved Lilly, sent her to us from doggie Heaven to help mend our broken hearts, after she (Lilly) left us on 4/9/2020. We also lost our sweet, beautiful, Cookie Monster on 6/25/2020. Sprinkles has been that bright spot in our hearts (my husband, Cupcake, Jasmin & I) after we lost our other (2) babies (Cookie (14) & Lilly (12) ) within 2 months of each other. 🙁


Playing hide and seek with her 3 siblings.

Oliver and Dottie Travel Buddies

Oliver is 15 years old and suffers with arthritis. He is able to join his younger family member Dottie on daily walks with the assistance of his pet stroller.


Hello from Duran

Ori Saffy and Bastian

My sweet little Yorkies.


Bambi Bambi was a rescue found clinging to a Pine Tree with a Cayote waiting below. She has a genetic defect & was born missing the end of her spine and thus tail along with a prolapsed rectum. Vets weren't sure she would survive! But my Little Bambi is a SOLDIER! She loves to think she's invisible. Don't worry wer pt holes in all bags!

Cairn terrier Cooper and Cocker spaniel Charlie

Cooper and Charlie love the pool I bought them a pup raft and from that day forward these two loved it. They wrestle on the raft, jump off into the pool , swim to the stairs and back to the raft. Summers were made for water pups


Jimi is a 3 legged rescue from Kentucky. He also has a facebook page called Jimi's World. He was a TLC Rescue of Olive Hill, KY.


He's a ham lol