Grant FAQs - Florida Animal Friend

Grant FAQs

What programs does Florida Animal Friend fund?

Florida Animal Friend grants are typically awarded to programs that increase cat and dog sterilization rates above the existing baseline. The categories for funding are:

  • Programs for pets in low-income families
  • Programs for pit bull/large breed dog sterilization
  • Programs for Trap-Neuter-Return of free-roaming cat sterilization
  • Programs providing spay/neuter services where none currently exist

Funds are unlikely to be approved to replace existing program funding and will not be approved to fund surgeries that are likely to be performed whether or not Florida Animal Friend funding was available. For example, Florida law requires that animals adopted from shelters and rescue groups be sterilized, and most adoption programs are already compliant with this law. Therefore, proposals that seek funding for neuter-before-adoption projects will not be funded compared to projects that are likely to reach new target populations at high risk for contributing to cat and dog overpopulation.

Funds may not be used for capital expenses or for procedures not directly related to sterilization surgery, such as promotions, testing, transportation and licensing. Funds may only be used for programs that comply with local city, county and state ordinances and laws. To support rabies vaccinations, $ 2 per animal spayed/neutered of the grant can be used for a rabies vaccination.

It is recognized that there are areas of the state that are under-served by existing spay/neuter opportunities. It is hoped that in these areas, veterinarians, animal control, local humane groups, and others will form collaborative efforts to create sterilization programs where none currently exist. In these circumstances, the grant proposal should outline the participating parties as well as which party will act as the lead organization. The lead organization, identified in the proposal, would submit the grant and must bear the responsibility for managing and fulfilling the grant request goals.

Who is eligible to apply for grant funding?

The following groups are eligible to apply for grants from Florida Animal Friend:

  • Non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) status and a pre-determination or decision letter from the IRS and registered with Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Division of Consumer Services City, county or tribal entities with a budget for animal care/control.
  • Groups that have not received Florida Animal Friend grant funds in the previous year. Grants are awarded to the same group no more frequently than every other year.
  • A fiscal sponsor that meets these requirements if the applicant does not meet all of the eligibility requirements. In this case, both the applicant and the fiscal sponsor must complete a cover letter explaining the relationship and division of responsibilities between the applicant and the sponsor. The fiscal sponsor must assume ultimate responsibility for assuring the funds are used as described and that the final report is submitted as scheduled.

Note: Groups represented by current board members of Florida Animal Friend or current members of the grants committee are not eligible to apply during the term of service.

Grant Application Process – Video Presentation

How can I determine what information I will need to submit a grant?

You can download a 2024 Florida Animal Friend Grant Application Worksheet for a full list of the necessary submission requirements.

How much money is available?

The amount of funding available for each grant cycle is determined by the number of Florida Animal Friend license plate sales and renewals. There is a cap of $25,000 for each proposal.

If we cannot complete our work in the grant year, can we get an extension?

All projects must be completed within 12 months of receipt of funding. Any unexpended funds must be refunded to Florida Animal Friend within 15 days of the end of the project. Requests for time extensions are discouraged and not often granted. If it is imperative to request an extension, such request must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the end of the project. It is FAF’s policy to seldom grant more than a 30-60 day extension.

How can I get more help?

Contact us for more help at [email protected]  or 813-778-0089.