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Top 5 Pet Trends of 2021 From Florida Animal Friend

We love our pets and we’d do anything for them. It’s not just about basic pet care anymore, either. From making sure our pets have the best food and care, to putting thought into toys they’ll love and products that’ll keep them looking their best, there are a number of growing trends for pets.

Data shows that pet market sales have nearly doubled in the last decade, with sales at $50.96 billion in 2011 growing to $99.1 billion in 2020. But what are the pet trends that are driving growth for pet owners across the country and around the world? Let’s take a look. Our experts here at Florida Animal Friend have even included some helpful tips for pet owners. 

New Products

Many new pet products enter the market each year, from toys and food to pet prescriptions, care items, and more. Entrepreneurs and manufacturers are listening to the needs of pet owners and delivering things like pet toothpaste and pet wipes, for example. A quick search on Google or Amazon shows a wide range of these products available now that weren’t previously available on the consumer market. 

Other new products include interactive and electronic toys. Some even have video cameras that let you virtually play with your pet or deliver a treat when you’re not home. 

Pet enclosures are also trending now. From mesh tents and tunnels to hard-sided playpens, a range of enclosures are available to create an outdoor space for your indoor pet. 


There is also a range of products that receive constant upgrades over the years, such as water fountains and automatic feeders. While older versions of these may have been analog, there are now many versions that pair with a smartphone, have LED lights, and other modern tech features. 

GPS Pet Tag Monitoring and Tracking

A GPS tracker attached to your pet’s collar can reunite you if they do escape into the unknown.

There are affordable Bluetooth trackers available on Amazon.

Helpful Tips for Pet Owners: Think about your pet and their needs before purchasing any new product. If your indoor cat longs to go outside, an outdoor playpen may be perfect. If you’re away a lot, automatic feeders and treat dispensers are a good idea.  

High-End Luxury for Pets

From high-dollar items that help your home run better to luxury materials and brands, there’s a whole new market of amazing things out there. 

Automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes fall under the first category of helping your home run more smoothly. From simple automated boxes that sift the litter and weed out the clumps at periodic intervals, to more modern boxes that can keep an eye on waste levels, the choices are nearly endless. There’s even a box that can passively monitor your cat’s urinary tract health and send data to your phone. 

Pets can also be adorned with luxury accessories to match their pet parent’s taste. Dog collars, food bowls, pet clothes for any occasion, and shoes to keep their paws clean and safe while outside are all available. High-end name brands and quality materials are readily available for pet parents to shop things like leather collars and sherpa pet beds. 

Helpful Tips for Pet Owners: Automatic litter boxes can be a huge help, especially for multi-cat homes. 

Pet Subscription Boxes

Perhaps one of the most unique pet trends that seem here to stay are subscription boxes — for pets. We’ve seen them for all kinds of human needs, like dinner and clothes, but there are a whole host of other boxes available for our pets, and most with exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else. 

Pretty Litter is one such subscription box. Only available via this subscription, it’s a special type of pet care litter that changes color when it detects anomalies in your cat’s waste. It can alert you to things like UTIs, worms, and more.

Other subscription services are available to deliver your pet’s favorite treats, food, and toys right to your door at intervals of your choosing. Subscription boxes also make great gifts for friends with pets, making this trend twice as fun. 

Helpful Tips for Pet Owners: You can adjust the interval of your subscription box as needed. Many subscriptions can even be paused if you and your pet are away. 

Pet Food & Supplements

We’ve always needed to feed our pets, but the old ‘wet or dry’ question has given way to other types of food, including those with all natural or organic ingredients. There are even pet foods that cater to specific needs, such as lean diets for overweight pets and hairball control for cats. Other pet foods are designed to help with digestive care, kidney care, and more. 

Pet supplements are also trending now. While some help your pet get the extra vitamins and minerals, like Omega 3, for various pet care needs, others like CBD-based treats help calm them down or relieve pain. 

Helpful Tips for Pet Owners: Matching your pet’s food to their likes and needs makes for happier pets. 

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is another trend, and it’s one that we see sticking around long-term. Pet parents can purchase insurance to protect their pets from a wide range of things like accidents and emergency surgeries to vaccines, medicines, and regular vet check-ups. There are many ways to purchase pet insurance, too, and some employers now include it as an add-on to human coverage. 


Helpful Tips for Pet Owners: Shop around for pet insurance. A range of options are available for all budgets and needs. Pet insurance policies range in cost and what they will cover. Here

are some articles on the pros and cons of pet insurance. 


As we look to keep our pets healthier and happier than ever before, it’s likely these pet trends will continue to grow. Keep your pet looking and feeling their best, and you’ll have a happy companion for life. 



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