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The Best Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

This holiday, spoil your furry friends with the holiday pet gifts they’re sure to love! We’ve got some great pet gift ideas, whether it’s your own pet or pets of friends and family. Read on and find something pets and pet owners alike will love! 

Florida Animal Friend Donation

This is one gift that keeps on giving. Florida Animal Friend is a Florida nonprofit that supports low or no-cost spay and neuter programs in the state via donations and specialty license plate purchases. Visit the website to make a donation or purchase a license plate. Just $25 more than a standard license plate, all $25 goes toward the nonprofit to provide spay and neuter grants to animal shelters and rescue organizations within Florida. Let your gift do more by helping ‘fix’ pet overpopulation in Florida! 

Pet Beds

From everyday pet beds for cats and dogs to something worthy of an Egyptian feline goddess, there’s a range of pet beds out there to suit everyone’s tastes. Choose one in your price range that’s soft and comfortable, and appropriately sized. For larger dogs, make sure they’ve got room to curl up or lay out flat. For cats and smaller dogs, make sure they’ll feel snuggled in and cozy. 

Pet Portraits

Customized pet portraits make a great gift! There are some great options available, from pets painted in stately costumes to photos paired with a name, to comical photos of specific pet breeds. Fill your heart with joy and choose one that’ll make you or your giftee smile all year round. 

Cat Toys

From fish that flop to balls that roll, catnip-filled plushies, and interactive toys, the possibilities are nearly endless. Keep it classic and go with a toy you know they’ll love, or think outside the box for something new that’ll stimulate their urge to hunt and play. Cats love hiding so a crinkle tunnel might be fun, or try a squeaker mouse that plays to their instincts. Whichever type of toy you choose, stay away from strings and ribbons as they can be fatal if ingested. 

Cat Towers

Know a cat that loves a view from the top? Indulge them with a cat tower that doubles as a scratching post. Pet owners will love this, too, as it’ll help save household furniture by giving cats a proper place to scratch.

Dog Toys

Dogs everywhere love their toys, so bring a dog toy to your holiday gathering to make an instant furry friend. Chew toys are great as dogs like to chew, and this kind of toy may help keep them away from things they shouldn’t chew, like shoes. Plus, chew toys are great for oral health. Plush toys are great too and can offer comfort, but these are best for smaller dogs or dogs that don’t chew a lot. Try to keep the toy size appropriate for the pet, too, such as giving a larger toy to a larger dog, and smaller toys for smaller dogs. Also, keep away from ribbons and strings as they can be fatal if ingested. 

Treat Givers

If you or the pet owner you’re gifting is off working during the day, a great gift idea may be a treat giver. They’re available in a range of options, from simple balls or cubes in which you place a few treats that will dispense manually as the cat or dog plays with it, to automatic treat throwers. The automatic ones can be set to certain intervals, or they may be connected to a video camera where pet owners can check in on their pet and dispense a treat whenever they like.  

Water Fountains

Perfect for cats and dogs, or homes with multiple pets! Pet water fountains are made to keep the flow of water going 24/7. Since most pets love drinking from running water sources, this is perfect for pets large and small. Go with a smaller fountain for smaller pets and larger fountains for larger pets. If purchasing for a household with multiple pets, choose one that is large enough for dogs to drink from but ensure it has lower portions that cats can reach, too. 

Fancy Collars

From collars equipped with GPS to options made of luxury materials like leather, collars make a wonderful gift. Get one with a customized engraved nameplate to make it extra special. 


BarkBox is a monthly subscription that’s filled with toys and treats. Fill out a simple questionnaire about the dog’s size and demeanor, and choose the number of months you’d like to gift. It’s that easy! Each month, the pet owner will receive their Bark Box in the mail filled with amazing toys, treats and a chew toy curated to a unique monthly theme. 

Cat Goody Box

Chewy has an assortment of cat “goody” boxes available to choose from, each filled with toys, treats and other fun items like apparel, bandanas, blankets and more. Choose the perfect box for your furry feline friend! Also available for dogs. 

Grooming Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good wash up? Standard or luxury grooming items make perfect gifts, especially for pets that often get dirty, like dogs that enjoy rolling in mud. Gift your favorite pet owner something to make life a little easier, such as pet shampoo or even a pet-friendly shower attachment to make bathing a breeze. 

Pet Sweaters

Great for dogs and hairless cats to keep them warm on chilly days and nights, pet sweaters make excellent pet gift ideas. They can be good for furry cats, too. Just make sure sweaters are free of tassels and other parts that tangle as these can be potential choking hazards. 

Dog Booties & Paw Pad Cream

Protect your pup’s paws with a pair of booties! Perfect for dogs who love the outdoors, booties will protect their sweet paws from surfaces that may be too hot or too cold. Pair this gift with paw pad cream to keep their paw pads comfortable. 

Automatic Litter Box

Cleaning the litter box can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Invest in an automatic litter box for your favorite feline or pet owner and watch both their faces light up with joy. This is one holiday pet gift that gives back again and again.

Share some holiday joy with your favorite pet owners and their pets with one or more of these great holiday pet gift ideas.

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