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Creating Success from Adversity; Innovation in Animal Sheltering During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Spencer Conover (Assistant Director – Pasco County Animal Services)   The COVID-19 pandemic has been horrendous for many, life changing for all and devastating to others. We would never wish for anything like this pandemic again; however, dealing with the crisis has produced opportunities for incredible innovation and growth across many industries, including animal … Continued

How To Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters have come a long way in recent history, and many now incorporate improved programming, training, volunteering and community outreach programs that are all focused on helping animals. Animal shelter donations are also making a huge impact. There are many ways to help your local animal shelter, from getting involved and becoming an advocate … Continued

Ensuring Successful Holiday Pet Adoptions

Every holiday season, we hear heartwarming stories about pets being given as gifts to children and spouses in our communities. We are also guaranteed to see at least one commercial depicting a happy child whose holiday wish has come true, as a puppy with a bow tied to its collar comes bounding out from under … Continued