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How To Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters have come a long way in recent history, and many now incorporate improved programming, training, volunteering and community outreach programs that are all focused on helping animals. Animal shelter donations are also making a huge impact. There are many ways to help your local animal shelter, from getting involved and becoming an advocate to making donations. Read on to find out how you can help your local animal shelter.


Become a Volunteer

Many people want to help animals, but knowing how to help can make all the difference in the world. One way to help is by becoming a volunteer. Shelter staff often depend on volunteers to support animal needs within the shelter but also by helping at community outreach programs and other events. Most shelters offer training modules to ensure proper training for every role. Check out volunteer opportunities on your local animal shelter’s website or give them a call.


Animal Shelter Donations

Donations are a big part of what keep a shelter going because budgets only go so far. For shelters run by city and county governments, the annual budget typically covers only basic operations and field programs, but funding for medical care is far more difficult to access. Because of this, animal shelter donations can literally be the difference between life and death. 


What To Donate to Animal Shelters

Shelters are always in need of a range of donated items to keep animals safe and happy while in shelter care. When considering what to donate to animal shelters, think about in-kind animal shelter donations, such as providing your time or a helpful service. Additionally, look around your home for old towels and blankets. These items provide comfort and help animals feel safe, especially when first arriving to the shelter. Toys are also a great donation item, especially those that can be sanitized. Shelters may also accept donated food, though a majority of it is often re-donated to people in the community who struggle to afford food for their furry companions. Many animal shelters also accept financial donations that are used to provide medical surgeries and health care for animals in need. 


Animal Shelter Donations Near Me

If you want to help your local animal shelter by making a donation, call your shelter or look online. Most have a wishlist filled with items they would love to receive. You can also search “Animal Shelter Donations Near Me” in a search browser and see what results come up in your area. For more resources, check out


It’s All About the Animals

However you decide to help, getting involved with your local animal shelter is key to animal welfare. Become a volunteer or help out in a crisis. Provide animal shelter donations. Follow the shelter on social media and provide positive feedback. Support the role of animal control. You can be one of a shelter animal’s biggest advocates, and all it takes is a little time. 


Source: Kim Staton, Director of Osceola County (Florida) Animal Services

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