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Submitting Your Application for a Florida Animal Friend Grant FAQ

Florida Animal Friend is an organization dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation in our state. We sponsor organizations like yours to provide free and low-cost spay/neuter programs to dogs and cats in Florida. If your organization wishes to offer low-cost spay/neuter services in your area of Florida, we encourage you to apply for our annual Florida Animal Friend Grant. We at Florida Animal Friend thank you for your ongoing dedication to fighting animal overpopulation.


This article will answer some of the most common questions we get at Florida Animal Friend from nonprofit organizations applying for the annual grant. The up to $25,000 grant we offer is to fund programs that match our mission.


Who is eligible to apply for grant funding?


Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) IRS status and registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs to receive contributions, animal services agencies in cities or counties, or tribal entities may apply for the grant.


For a full understanding of submission requirements, download the Grants Applicant Worksheet.


In addition to costs related to spay/neuter, can a Florida Animal Friend grant cover the cost of rabies vaccinations?


Yes. To support rabies vaccinations, the grant funding can support $2 per animal spayed/neutered for a rabies vaccination.

What criteria are used to assess grant applications?


A four-member grant review committee assesses eligible applications each year.


Low-income areas, large-breed dogs and free-roaming cats need more available spay/neuter services

The committee prioritizes applications that focus on pets in low-income families, large mixed-breed dogs, free-roaming cats, and programs in geographic areas which lack enough spay/neuter services.


Provide more spay/neuter services to your community

An awarded grant should increase the total spay/neuter surgeries above the existing baseline of the applying organization. If that program is sustainable and demonstrates community collaboration, it has a reasonably good chance of being approved.

We look for organizations that properly manage their cost-to-benefit ratio

Organizations that keep their cost per surgery to a reasonable level are favored during the application review. We are aware that partnering with local veterinarians who share our overpopulation concerns can be valuable.

Florida Animal Friend aims to support sustainable practices and lasting impact

Ideally, an applicant will show the long-term benefit in its community of a grant from Florida Animal Friend. We consider our most successful grants to be the ones that create a lasting program that benefits Florida for years to come.


Does Florida Animal Friend provide continual funding to an approved program?

Florida Animal Friend provides a one-time grant up to $25,000 to organizations aligned with our mission. Recipients of this grant are ineligible to receive grants from Florida Animal Friend during the following grant cycle. An organization may reapply the year after receiving a grant.

When can a Florida Animal Friend Grant application be submitted?

Organizations should apply during the open grant application period between January 1st and April 1st. Those who submit a completed application prior to the deadline receive a special early check of their required documents, to be sure all is in order and that the application can proceed to review. If you have any questions during the application process, we are here to help. By reaching out to us ahead of time we can help ensure your application and required documents are in order.


When will I know if the grant has been awarded?

Grant recipients will be notified around mid-August, after the review process has been completed and final decisions by the Florida Animal Friend Board of Directors have been made.


2023 Florida Animal Friend Grant Application Timeline

We sincerely urge you to take advantage of this grant opportunity. We rely on qualified organizations such as yours to realize our mission to fight pet overpopulation in Florida.

We invite your organization to apply for a Florida Animal Friend Grant between January 1st and April 1st.


January 1st Grant Application Opens


April 1st Grant Application Due


Mid-August Grant Winners Announced


Mid-August, following announcement Grant Funds Released


September 1st Following Year Follow-up Reports Due


For full grant details and FAQs on the grants process, please visit the Grants section of our website.


Since 2005, Florida Animal Friend’s mission has been to improve the overall welfare of pets in our state by supporting organizations that offer free or low-cost spay and neuter services across Florida. We strive to reduce pet overpopulation by increasing awareness of programs available to pet owners and homeless pets. Florida Animal Friend Grants are awarded annually and are funded through the sale of specialty Florida Animal Friend license plates. For more information about our organization or how to purchase a plate, visit www.floridaanimalfriend.org.

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