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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy in the New Year

2019 is upon us, and by now, you may have broken a few of your resolutions for staying healthy in the new year (we can’t blame you…chocolate is calling our name too)! However, there’s one area of focus you should absolutely not let slide –– your pet’s health. Here are a few ways you can keep Fido and Fluffy happy and healthy all year round.


Vet Visits

Ensure that you’re taking your pet to the vet regularly. Most vets recommend a yearly wellness exam for optimum pet health. They’ll make sure your dog or cat has all the vaccinations and immunizations they need, plus any preventative measures that need to be taken. You don’t want to wait until too late when your pet is sick –– take steps to keep them at their best by providing them with regular check-ups.



Humans are often very conscious of how exercise impacts our own health, but did you know that exercise is just as vital for dogs and cats?

There are plenty of health benefits for pet exercise, including easing hip joint pain, reducing digestive problems and healthy weight maintenance.

Exercise is also helpful for reducing behavioral issues. If your pet has a lot of pent-up energy, she might incorporate habits like chewing, scratching, jumping on furniture or other destructive outlets. So spend some time each week in the yard and/or at the pet park with your furry friend!


Dental Health

Dental care is also a huge part of pet health. Dental problems can be indicative of larger health issues or even be the cause of further problems.

To help keep your pet’s teeth healthy, be sure to brush their teeth at home daily, and don’t forget to take them to the vet every year for a dental check! The vet will be able to give your pet an oral exam to catch any problems before they start, and they’ll give your pet a nice deep clean, too!


Spay and Neuter

Did you know that spaying or neutering your pet offers some major health benefits for your pets? Spaying your female pets help prevent serious complications like breast tumors and uterine infections. Neutering your male pet can prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems.  Spaying and neutering also prevents unwanted litters and reduces overcrowding in kill shelters.


The Tails Will Wag Faster, the Purrs Will Be Louder

This year, don’t take pet health for granted. Actively take your pet for vet visits, give them plenty of opportunities to exercise, stay on top of their dental health, and make sure they’ve been spayed or neutered. They’ll feel better, and you will too!

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