Last Chance to Apply for a Florida Animal Friend Grant!

Last Chance to Apply for a Florida Animal Friend Grant!

The deadline for the Florida Animal Friend Grant is almost here: May 1, 2020! Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to collect up to $25,000 for your organization!

Last year, more than 20 organizations received grants from Florida Animal Friend. Grants are awarded to eligible organizations all over Florida that are working hard to make a difference in the pet overpopulation problem by providing free or low-cost spay and neuter programs.


Submit Your Florida Animal Friend Grant Application Early to Receive a Review

Any organization that submits an application before the May 1 deadline will receive an initial review. That means we’ll double check your application to see if it has been completed correctly. If it is in any way incomplete, we’ll let you know so you have time to finish it by the deadline. 

After May 1 at 8:00 p.m., incomplete grants will not be accepted, so it can only help your chances to apply now!


What Is the Grant Committee Looking for?

Competition for spay and neuter funds in 2020 will be high! That means the efficiency of your work will be critical. The Florida Animal Friend grant committee will be drawn to proposals that demonstrate efficiency in terms of number of surgeries performed, cost per procedure and the targeting of animals most at risk of contributing to overpopulation.

Some areas of Florida may have limited resources for the development of low-cost spay and neuter programs, so the cost of providing services in these areas may be higher. The committee will take this into account.

Your grant will have the greatest opportunity for success if you do the following:

  1. Concisely explain the problems addressed in the proposal
  2. Demonstrate an understanding for the issues involved
  3. Develop a logical and feasible plan
  4. Show that you have the resources and talent to be successful

Who Can Apply for a Florida Animal Friend Grant?

Any Florida organization working to combat the state’s pet overpopulation problem through low-cost spay and neuter programs is eligible. Past recipients of Florida Animal Friend grants may apply unless they are completing a grant this year. We will announce the 2020 grant winners in August.


How to Avoid Common Application Errors

Don’t miss this funding opportunity because of an application error! Here’s how you can avoid some common mistakes:

1) Keep track of your username and password, as well as the grant number. If you are awarded a grant, you’ll need that info to submit the final report.

2) Submit all relevant information in the special TNR section (if you’re a TNR program).

3) Submit all required documents, as listed on the website.

Oh, and don’t wait until April 30 to get started! Again, the deadline is May 1 at 8:00 p.m.  


Apply Now!

The Florida Animal Friend story began with one mission: to help end pet overpopulation. We have now donated more than $5.5 million to spay and neuter organizations over the past 10 years. And we would love to add your organization to our list of grant recipients.

Apply now for the opportunity to secure some of those funds for your organization. And keep up the great work!

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