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4 Things Your Florida Pet Wants in Their City

Pets are just like us humans. They want to socialize, have adequate healthcare options, go out on the town and be free to live their best pup life. Their requirements for a city are very similar to what we look for when traveling or moving somewhere new. And if you’re thinking of visiting or moving to a new city, you have to think about the pet-friendliness of your possible new home. To ensure your Florida pet will be healthy, happy and feel at home wherever you go, we’ve compiled a list of all the things that make a city pet-friendly.

Things Your Florida Pet Wants in Their City

1. Public Dog Parks

Just like we want walking trails and parks, your pup wants the very same. Public dog parks allow your dog to run free, socialize with other dogs and live their best life.

When looking for a Florida pet-friendly city, check to see how many public dog parks are in the area. You should also look at the reviews, hours and if they provide small dog and big dog separation.

2. Access to Ample Veterinary Services

You never know when your pup will get sick or hurt and need to see a local veterinarian. On the off-chance this happens, you should check to see how many veterinarians are in the area and how close they are to your location. You don’t want to be driving across town during an emergency!

Or, if you get your pet after you move to a new city, you’ll want to make sure vets in the area offer a variety of services to keep your dog healthy from puppy to adulthood, including low-cost spay and neuter services.

3. Animal-Friendly Public Places

It’s no fun hanging out around town without your best friend! Look for cities that have animal-friendly public places so you can bring your dog with you running errands or hanging out with friends at a local restaurant or cafe.

Examples of pet-friendly public places include Sephora, Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, bars with outdoor seating, outdoor movie theaters and more. Double check with establishments before going to have updated information on where it’s safe to bring your pet.

4. No Breed Restrictions on a Florida Pet

Cities that have dog breed restriction laws are definitely not pet-friendly places. Look for cities that welcome dogs of all breeds.

Dogs don’t discriminate and enjoy playing and socializing with pups of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Pet owners, specifically dog owners, are also more accepting of all breeds. According to YouGov.com, 41% of dog owners say all dog breeds should be allowed as pets.

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