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Common Questions About the Florida Animal Friend License Plate

Specialty license plates are incredibly popular in Florida, and for good reason. With more than 120 to choose from, personalizing a vehicle is easy and it lets drivers show off a unique side of themselves, from what they enjoy doing, to what university they graduated from or root for, and for which causes they advocate. 

If you love the idea of specialty plates, take a look at the specialty license plate from Florida Animal Friend!

Why should someone purchase a specialty license plate from Florida Animal Friend? 

If you’re looking to do more for dogs and cats in your community, this plate tops the list. Not only is it the cutest plate out there, but the extra cost for this license plate over a standard plate goes completely toward Florida Animal Friend, which then donates the money to low-cost/no-cost spay and neuter programs in Florida via spay/neuter organizations and shelters. Florida Animal Friend is especially transparent about how these funds are used in order to give peace of mind to those who purchase plates and to the shelters and similar organizations that benefit from the funds. In fact, organizations that apply for grant funds can receive up to $25,000 from Florida Animal Friend to assist with low-cost/no-cost spay and neuter. 

What does purchasing a license plate go toward? 

When a driver purchases a Florida Animal Friend specialty license plate, the cost goes toward spay and neuter programs provided by legitimate shelters and other similar organizations. The goal is to provide financial assistance to help pet owners who cannot afford to spay or neuter their pet, and it aids those who are assisting in the spay and neuter of feral community cats. It covers things like veterinarian and vet tech costs, pain medications and rabies vaccinations.

How does someone order a license plate from Florida Animal Friend? 

We work with the DMV to make it as easy as possible, though the DMV ultimately issues the plate. To order one, visit our website and choose the option that best suits your needs. Fill out the form, and the Indian River Tag Agency will contact you. We use this office because they specialize in providing specialty plates. Best of all, you do not need to stand in line at your local tag agency. To pay for this plate, you’ll be directed to go through the State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. Do not send your forms or payment to Florida Animal Friend.

How long will it take for the plate to arrive? 

Arrival time of your new specialty license plate can vary as it is up to the DMV. 

What are the funds from plate sales used for? 

Funds are used for legitimate spay and neuter programs. Interested organizations submit a grant application that is reviewed by four independent people before going to a board of seven directors to make the final award or denial. After DMV fees, Florida Animal Friend receives $25 per plate. 

Do you need to renew the specialty license plate each year? 

Yes, you do need to ask for the plate each year. There is also a two-year renewal option. 

How can someone renew their license plate with Florida Animal Friend? 

You will receive a tag to put on your current license plate, and then the DMV will send the official plate. Renewal is also available at the DMV. 

How much does a Florida Animal Friend license plate cost? 

To verify the fees of a Florida Animal Friend license plate for your vehicle, contact your local county tax collector’s office. 

The Florida Animal Friend specialty license plate is the only specialty plate in Florida that supports spay and neuter programs. And it supports only that. Funding goes to shelters and organizations that provide spay and neuter services. Additionally, it helps those assisting with spay and neuter programs for feral cats. It’s also one of the cutest license plates out there and

reminds the public of the life-saving importance of spaying/neutering. Order one today!


Source: Lois Kostroski, Executive Director of Florida Animal Friend.


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