Welcome To Florida Animal Friend!

Congratulations to our grant recipients! Florida Animal Friend is pleased to be able to distribute the largest amount we have ever given out in one year, over $600,000, to our worthy organizations.

Florida Animal Friend is a non-profit organization devoted to helping fund these organizations’ costs of spaying and neutering homeless pets by awarding grants. These grants are funded through the sale of the Florida Animal Friend license plate. Please help prevent the overpopulation of pets by purchasing a license plate from Florida Animal Friend. By purchasing this license plate and donating to show your support, we become one step closer to ensuring that all animals can have a safe, happy and loving home.

Keep your pets cool this summer!

The summer months in Florida are excruciatingly hot. Some dogs are at an even higher risk for heat-related illness than others, including older dogs, puppies, dogs with chronic conditions and dogs allowed to overexert themselves in weather conditions that they are not familiar with. No matter where you are, actions can be taken to prevent these dangers.

Leaving a dog unattended in a vehicle in extreme temperatures is currently a criminal offense in most states. On an 85-degree day it only takes 10 minutes for the interior of your car to reach 102 degrees. In half an hour, it can reach 120 degrees. Dogs do have higher body temperatures than humans, but they still cannot cool down as efficiently. Symptoms of overheating in dogs includes: heavy panting, excessive thirst, glazed eyes, bloody diarrhea, dark red tongue, gums, staggering, elevated body temperature, weakness/collapse, increased pulse and heartbeat, seizures, excessive drooling and unconsciousness.

If you think your dog is experiencing heatstroke you should take immediate action and move him to a cooler area with air conditioning. Monitor carefully and offer water. Call a veterinarian for further steps, as he or she may want to evaluate your dog.

Tips for preventing overheating in the hot Florida weather: Provide plenty of fresh water. If your dog is outside, encourage playing with the sprinkler or hose. If your dog has a long coat, keep it cut short. Don’t go any shorter than an inch because the coat protects from the sun. Exercise your dog regularly either in the early morning or at sunset. Don’t overdo exercise and avoid walking on pavement since the heat rises from the concrete or asphalt and can quickly overheat the animal close to the ground.

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