Help “Fix” Florida’s Pet Population!

When you purchase a Florida Animal Friend license plate, $25 of every plate sold goes directly to fund organizations across the state who offer free or low-cost spay and neuter services. These services are made available to pets of low income families as well as homeless cats and dogs waiting to be adopted.  By purchasing the plate or donating to show your support, we become one step closer to ensuring that all animals can have a safe, happy and loving home.

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SPCA Florida

SPCA Florida exists to eliminate animal suffering and to engage the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals. We accomplish this by advancing model programs to promote the adoption of healthy animals, prevent dog and cat overpopulation, provide veterinary medical services for animals in the community and keep animals in homes through relinquishment intervention strategies.

January 1st

Grant Application Available

April 1st

Grant Application Due


Grant winners announced
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August 15th

Grant funds released

September 1st the following year

Follow-up reports due

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Florida Animal Friend

Put good in, get good out. Thank you for all you do to better the lives of these animals!

Pinellas County Government
Meet Kara Crabtree, an Animal Care Assistant with Pinellas County Animal Services. Kara is making a difference in our community and brings a compassionate touch to everyone she meets. She wants to ensure her furry guests have a great visit until they find their forever home. Kara is #DoingThings

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