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Florida Animal Friend is a non-profit organization devoted to helping fund these organizations’ costs of spaying and neutering homeless pets by awarding grants. These grants are funded through the sale of the Florida Animal Friend license plate. Please help prevent the overpopulation of pets by purchasing a license plate from Florida Animal Friend. By purchasing this license plate and donating to show your support, we become one step closer to ensuring that all animals can have a safe, happy and loving home.

How to prevent pet obesity

The Holidays are notorious for bringing not only cheer, but also excessive eating. Obesity in pets is becoming more and more common everywhere you look. Currently, over half of all dogs and cats in the United States are classified as obese. That extra weight can cause or worsen a number of conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory distress, high blood pressure and cancers.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is key when managing the weight of your pet. It’s important to not feed your pet from the table, though if you do, make it on special occasions and keep in mind the type of foods that pets don’t need to consume. Treats can seem harmless, but they often contain a large amount of calories. When choosing treats, it’s important to choose single-ingredient offerings or fresh, crunchy vegetables. Commercial pet food with the occasional treat thrown in is the best diet for your four-legged friend. Many food brands provide portion sizes on the bag for various pet sizes.

Exercise provides many benefits to pets besides weight loss and management. Regular exercise in pets strengthens respiratory and circulatory systems, keeps muscles toned and joints flexible, releases energy, keeps mind active and aids in digestion.

The Spay Neuter License Plate