Dangerous Foods

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Beware of dangerous foods!

Pets are notorious for being “beggars”. When you’re eating at the dinner table, they quickly find their way beside you and (sometimes) patiently wait for any scraps you’re willing to throw their way. Although some human foods are not harmful to pets, there are plenty of dangerous and toxic foods that you may not be aware of that can cause serious damage to your pet’s body and digestive system. Before you share your next meal with your pet, beware of some of these harmful foods.
Chocolate is very dangerous for animals, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, heart abnormalities, seizures and even death. All types of chocolate should be avoided, however the darker the chocolate the more toxic.

Grapes and raisins should also be avoided. The exact ingredient considered toxic is not exactly known, however these foods have the ability to cause acute kidney failure within 24 hours of consumption.

Macadamia nuts also contain an unknown toxin and should never be given to pets. They can be harmful to a pet’s digestive tract, nervous system, and muscles. If your pet accidentally consumes a few of these, they may suffer from symptoms such as vomiting, weakness, difficulty walking and muscle tremors.

Particularly related to dogs, many owners have believed the misconception that bones are a good treat for their pets. Unless it’s a Milk Bone, which can be purchased in most stores, animal bones can be very hazardous to your pet. This includes all kinds of animal bones, such as chicken, pork and beef. Most dogs cannot digest these types of bones, which can become lodged inside of their throat or intestinal track.

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