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Help Fix Pet Overpopulation in Florida

Pet overpopulation is a very real concern in Florida, with many community cats living and breeding in neighborhoods across the state. There are also many homeless cats and dogs that are brought to animal shelters to await adoptive families. Most of these cats and dogs are not spayed or neutered, and this further contributes to … Continued

Learning from the Success of Volusia County’s Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic

At Florida Animal Friend, we don’t just fund spay and neuter grants through the sale of our specialty licenses plates. We’re also a valuable resource for animal welfare organizations looking for online spay and neuter training and general industry insights. That’s why we recently sat down with Adam Leath, Director of Volusia County Animal Services … Continued

What does spay & neuter really do for my community? by Scott Trebatoski

The availability and use of spay/neuter programs dramatically impact the welfare of pets in that community. Communities with active spay/neuter programs see healthier pets, they see reduced intake of unwanted or homeless puppies and kittens, and they see more live outcomes in their animal shelters. The medical benefits are well documented and can be viewed … Continued