Feral Cat Program – Florida Animal Friend

Feral Cat Program

Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) Program Criteria

Florida Animal Friend is concerned about feral cat populations, the welfare of individual cats, and the welfare of wild animals. When reviewing proposed projects that target feral cat populations, Florida Animal Friend prioritizes projects that demonstrate responsible management of existing feral cat colonies, community collaboration, and consideration of impacts on wildlife.

To be considered for a Florida Animal Friend grant, your application should include:

Responsible TNR management of existing feral cat colonies:

  • Definition of the precise geographic area of the colony
  • Estimated size of the colony and projected reduction in size after utilizing the grant (perhaps even projected elimination date for the colony)
  • Stability of the colony management, i.e., ability to maintain lifelong care of remaining ferals, commitment level of volunteers, etc.


The goal of any TNR feral cat management program should be to maximize quality of life for the cats and to eliminate the existing colony over time through attrition.

Community Collaboration:

  • Description of any public education/outreach, and adoption programs
  • List of any other interest groups or governmental agencies that offer support


Note: Florida Animal Friend will not fund any program that is inconsistent with local ordinances.

Consideration of Impacts on Wildlife:

  • Description of any steps taken to lessen the potential negative impact on local wildlife


Florida Animal Friend values the lives of individual wild animals, no matter their species status. The goal of any TNR program should be to lessen the impact on wildlife by reducing the number of feral cats and eventually eliminating their presence from the environment.