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Florida Hurricane Preparedness Checklist For Pet Owners

With Hurricane Ian headed toward Florida, it’s important to prepare as much as possible for ourselves and our pets. Many times pets are a second thought when it comes to creating an emergency plan, but we’ve put together some resources to help pet owners think ahead.   Hurricane Checklist For Pet Owners Know how to … Continued

Can A Pet DNA Test Solve The Breed Mystery of Your Shelter Pet?

Knowing your pet’s breed can make a big difference in their life and yours. From determining the best care plan to knowing if they may be predisposed to certain health problems or even getting to know your pet on a deeper level, knowing your pet’s breed can be extremely beneficial. But for most pet owners, … Continued

8 Ways You Can Support Cats and Dogs in Shelters

Animal shelters are always in need of support. If you’re an animal lover, or if a cat or dog looks to you as their human, you can help. From volunteering and fostering to donating blankets, food, supplies, or money to your local shelter or rescue organization, you can make a difference in the lives of … Continued