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Florida Summer Activities You Can Safely Do With Your Dog

Spending time with your dog is one of the best ways to show them you care. In addition to feeding them healthy food, giving them proper pet care, and ensuring regular exercise, every dog owner should take time to play with their dog. Not only does it help you keep your dog healthy and safe, … Continued

How to Help Your Pet During Fireworks Season‏

‏Summer is here, and with it comes many celebrations. But, wherever there are celebrations, there are usually loud noises that can frighten our pets, such as fireworks. July Fourth is one upcoming special occasion that many of us like to celebrate with firecrackers and other explosive things. However, suppose you have an anxious dog scared … Continued

How to Manage Dog Shedding‏‏

It’s totally normal for your dog to lose some of its hair by shedding. However, it can get annoying when you end up spending the entire day vacuuming piles of fluff! If you are worried that your dog may be shedding excessively, and you want to reduce the frequency and amount of hair it sheds, … Continued

5 Benefits of Dog Walking for You and Your Pet

Did you know that February 22 was National Walking the Dog Day? At Florida Animal Friend, we believe that every day should be National Walking the Dog Day! Let’s face it: if you’re a dog owner, you probably participated in the celebration by strolling with your furry friend on February 22—even if you had no … Continued