Grant ID: 1699
Title of Proposal: Operation:SPAY NEUTER IN PINELLAS
Agency Type: Non-Profit
Total Funding Requested: $25,000.00
Check Payable To: Operation:SNIP Inc.
Application Information
Name of Applicant Agency: Operation:SNIP Inc. Website Address:
Person Submitting Proposal: Mary Taylor Position: Executive Director
Person Submitting Proposal Email Address:
Agency Head: Mary Taylor Agency Head Email:
Organization Business Address: 13489 Walsingham Rd City: Largo
State: Florida Zip: 33774
Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx): 727-595-1983 Fax:
Cell: 727-434-3448    
Agency Details

Date of 501(c)(3) Incorporation: 01/12/2015
Dates of Last Fiscal Year: Begin: 01/01/16    End: 12/31/16
Organization Income in Last Fiscal Year: $339,435.57
Organization Expenses in Last Fiscal Year: $186,156.88
Number of Paid Employees: Full Time: 1  Part Time: 3
Number of Active Volunteers: 2
Total Volunteer Hours per Week: 20.00
How did you learn of the 2009  Florida Animal Friend grant competition? Learned about grant when working for Pinellas County Animal Services. Operation:SNIP is also a past recipient.
Year(s) of previous Florida Animal Friend grants (if applicable):
Previous Florida Animal Friend Applications: Years Funded: 2015 Year(s) denied/incomplete:
Auto-Generated (Previous Applications):
Grant #Proposal YearProposal TitleStatus
14512015Operation:SNIP IT !Funded
16992017Operation:SPAY NEUTER IN PINELLAS Funded
Describe your Organization:
Services Provided Organization Structure:

List your current board of directors:

Diane Smith Board Member727-270-0465Pet Groomer
Dr Kalen FaberBoard member727-501-4955Veterinarian
Jolynn BumillerBoard Member727-515-9620Lawyer/ Insurance
Kristin BobowskiBoard Member 727-421-8224Sales Representative
Lindsay DrakeBoard Member727-365-0832Royal Canin/Territory Manager/Certified Veterinarian Technician
Mary TaylorPresident727-434-3448Executive Director/ Certified Veterinarian Technician
MJ TaylorSecretary727-432-2569Patterson Veterinarian Supply IT Territory Technician
Rebecca BunchBoard Member727-424-0261Director Of Operations Pet Pal Rescue
Stephanie PolenTreasurer727-432-3448Patterson Veterinary Supply/ Territory Manager

Applicant Qualifications
For your organization, in the last complete fiscal year:
0  cats and 0  dogs were admitted.
0   cats and  0   dogs were adopted.
0   cats and  0    dogs were euthanized.
1409   cats and  704    dogs were sterilized.
Briefly describe your animal programs:
If your program performs adoptions, are all animals sterilized before adoption? 
If not all, what percentage of animals are not currently sterilized before adoption? 
If not all, how are animals selected for sterilization before adoption? 
If not all, describe your sterilization policies and procedures for assuring sterilization after adoption:
Give additional background information on your organization's programs as they relate to this application and the qualifications of the personnel who will be in charge of this program. Show that you have the ability to carry out this program. 
The Executive Director of Operation:SNIP Mary Taylor is a Certified Veterinarian Technician with over 17 years in Shelter Medicine and Animal Advocacy. Mary worked as the Hospital Program Coordinator for Pinellas County Animal Services creating life saving programs including the Pet store off-site adoption program in 2005 that continues to save over 2,000 cats through adoption per year
If you currently have a program for sterilization of cats and/or dogs, describe your current level of funding and productivity and why additional resources are needed? 
Operation:SNIP has sterilized over 3,700 cats and dogs since opening in May 2015. Operation:SNIP has been awarded grant funding in Oct 2015 and Oct 2016 through the Pinellas County Animal Welfare Trust Fund. This program was created and is generated by off-site cat adoption fees at Petsmart, Petco, Petsupermarket and several other local cat adoption centers. The funding allows Operation:SNIP to offer funding to low income families for spay and neuter and preventative care to keep them in their homes as well as TNVR to reduce feral and community cat populations. Unfortunately the funding was depleted again by January, February so funding through Florida Animal Friend will allow us to continue our mission through August of 2018.

Target Population
Geographical target area (name of city, county, zip codes, geographical Information service (GIS), etc.):
Pinellas County 
Total human population in target area: 960,730 
Percent of residents living below poverty in target area: 13.6% 
Estimated number of pet cats in target area (human population divided by 3.3): 291131 
Estimated number of pet dogs in target area (human population divided by 4.0): 240183 
Estimated number of feral cats in target area (human population divided by 6.0): 160122 
Number of cats admitted to animal control shelters in the target area last year (if known) 6,901 
Number of dogs admitted to animal control shelters in the target area last year (if known) 4,776 
Number of cats euthanized in animal control shelters in the target area last year (if known) 3,101 
Number of dogs euthanized in animal control shelters in the target area last year (if known) 1,042 
Please explain if you believe your target area animal population is significantly different than above.
Please explain what you believe are the most substantial sources of dog and cat overpopulation in the target area:
 The most substantial source of cat overpopulation is feral and community cats not being sterilized. At Pinellas County Animal Services the majority of dogs that enter the shelter are pit bull and pit bull mixes
What kinds of spay/neuter services are currently available in the target area and in what ways are these resources currently insufficient to meet community needs?
Operation:SNIP has partnered with Pinellas County Animal Services, SPCA Tampa Bay, Humane Society of Pinellas, Pet Pal Rescue. These organizations are preparing their homeless shelter animals for adoption. Rescue and community cat caregivers rely on the volume client pricing Operation:SNIP offers to help sterilize their rescues so they can go up for adoption and we continue to help animal shelters reduce pet overpopulation.
Florida Animal Friend is highly supportive of proposals that are focused on animal populations that are identified as substantial sources of dog or cat overpopulation rather than being diluted over too broad of a geographic area or diverse animal populations. Describe the specific target animal population of the spay/neuter project proposed for this grant:

TNR Managed Colony Feral Cat Program/Community Cats (Free-Roaming and/or Owned) Program
Define the precise boundaries of the colony or targeted area, including estimate of square miles.
What is the criteria used for determining the target area(s) and/or eligibility for this program?
Describe whether the targeted area is rural, suburban, or urban. Is it commercial, residential, agricultural, or a designated special land use?
Estimated number of cats in the target colony area : 0  
Estimated number that are currently sterilized: 0
Projected reduction after utilizing the grant:  0
For TNR program, describe the ability to maintain lifelong care for remaining cats, commitment level of volunteers/organizations, etc.
Do current city/county ordinances address TNR or free-roaming cats?

Please explain what is allowed:
(NOTE: FAF will not fund any program this is inconsistent with local ordinances.)
For TNR program, list any groups or government agencies who support this TNR effort:
Describe any effort to lessen the negative impact on local wildlife.
Describe efforts that will be made to mitigate current or potential nuisance issues.
Will the cats be ear-tipped? Yes
Will the cats be microchipped? No
Provide any additional information that will help the grant selection committee understand how this program will operate to achieve its goals.
What do you hope to accomplish with these funds (objectives should be specific and quantifiable)?
Operation:SNIP will continue to offer spay and neuter procedures to low income families that are on government assistance. Operation:SNIP offers special pricing for pit bull puppies that come for spay or neuter before 6 months of age. Operation:SNIP also offers assistance to residents of Pinellas County that have helped a community cat that births kittens at there residence. We offer support and education to the caregiver, assist with sterilization of mother cat, give guidance and support as the litter grows, sterilize a healthy litter at 8 weeks of age, and help with placement if unable to find homes.
How does this program increase the number of sterilization surgeries above the existing baseline?
The number of surgeries will increase, rehoming sites are not monitored or supported by spay and neuter programs. This is a very important area that will create spay and neuter compliance, reduce overpopulation and could be available for these kittens as well as puppies before they are given away.
What criteria will you use to determine eligibility for your program? 
We already have a program in place that allows low income residents reduced or free surgery. We request proof of government assistance, disability and or homelessness. We also offer veterans the reduced surgery for their pets as well.
How will you advertise the program? Explain how the advertising will reach the target audience.
Operation:SNIP will advertise through social media, press release and at our clinic. Pinellas County Animal Services also refers residents to our clinic.
How will you address barriers to full use of the program such as transportation, illiteracy, and cultural hurdles? 
Does this project involve the transportation of animals by someone other than the client? If so, describe the vehicles, methods for confinement, personnel training, liability releases used to assure the safety of the animals and handlers.
Veterinary Services

What arrangements have you made with veterinarians to perform the surgeries? 
Operation:SNIP employees veterinarians skilled in high quality, high volume spay and neuter Our veterinarians work at our clinic on a weekly basis.
Are they:  

Veterinary Practices

Fee Range
What is the fee range to be paid for spay and neuter and what is the distribution to be paid by the client vs. the grant program? Keep in mind that Florida Animal Friend grant funds may only be used for costs directly associated with sterilization surgery (including anesthesia and pain control) and not for other items such as vaccines, testing, licensing, and capital purchases.
Amount Paid by Client Amount Paid by Project Total Amount
Range for Male Cats
Range for Female Cats
Range for Male Dogs
Range for Female Dogs
Please check each item below to indicate additional services offered at the time of surgery, whether the client is required to pay for them, and if so what the fee is. For example, if an examination is required for surgery but is not charged to the client it would be marked: Required  Yes, Fee to client No
Required, Optional, or Not Offered Fee to Client?
Rabies Vaccination if Due   
Other Vaccination if Due   
Pain Medication   
Parasite Medication   
HW Testing   
Feline Leuk/FIV
County License   
Ear tipping   

None of the anticipated grant funds can be used for any of the above services, except for pain medication.
If necessary, please explain the procedures and fees described above: 
All dog spay and neuter procedures require pain medication to go home as well as an e collar. It is the owner's choice regarding other services. In a case that the owner is unable to pay fees do to hardship we offer a program titled FIX PINELLAS. We collect donation from the public to help the underprivileged pets.  
Is this a voucher program? No
If so, how will you assure compliance with the program?

For your voucher program, how have you determined the capacity of the veterinarians listed above to handle the projected capacity?
Will you have the ability to report the number of vouchers issued and the percentage that result in S/N surgeries?

Community Collaboration
To assure the success of your program, are there any local groups (such as rescue groups, animal control agencies, TNR groups, local businesses, local media, social service agencies,etc.) other than your organization and your cooperating veterinarians who are committed to assist?
Please list them and detail their level of involvement with the proposed effort.
NameLevel of Involvement
Baileys Way RescueOperation:SNIP offers volume pricing for Baileys Way Rescue
Cat Trap FeverOperation:SNIP collaborates with Cat Trap Fever to help sterilize feral and community cats as well as targeted trailer parks that have low income families unaware of our program that will help their dogs. Many of these residents don't have access to computers and are unaware of assistance programs.
Fluff Animal RescueOperation:SNIP offers special pricing for rescues and sterilizes all pets before adoption for Fluff Animal Rescue
Hands Helping Paws RescueOperation:SNIP offers volume pricing for Hands Helping Paws Rescue
Humane Society of PinellasHumane Society Tampa Bay refers residents for spay, neuter and wellness services
Meow NowMeow Now refers community cat caregivers to Operation:SNIP for TNR program
Passion 4 Pits Operation:SNIP offers reduced pricing for sterilization for rescued dogs
Paws Rescue Group Operation:SNIP offers sterilization of all rescues animals from Pinellas County and transported in from other counties in Florida
Pet Pal Animal Rescue and ClinicOperation:SNIP collaborates with Pet Pal rescue for rehoming friendly offspring of community cats, and work with hoarding situations as well as transport form high kill North Florida rural shelter. Operation:SNIP refers animals that need full service care to Pet Pal Clinic
Pinellas County Animal ServicesPCAS refers residents to Operation:SNIP through information, rack cards at shelter and dispatch.
Racing 4 RescuesOperation:SNIP offers volume pricing for Racing 4 Rescues
SPCA Tampa BaySPCA Tampa Bay refers residents for spay and neuter and wellness services
Vets for PetsOperation:SNIP refers residents that can not afford treatment for their pet illness to Vets for Pets.

Other Information
Provide any additional information that will help the grant selection committee understand how the program will operate to achieve its goals.
 Operation:SNIP and staff are committed to assisting with programs for our low income residents in Pinellas County. Our affordable spay, neuter and wellcare services assist all residents. Residents that can afford to donate assist underprivileged animals that come to our clinic through our program FIX PINELLAS. Operation:SNIP also assists residents that offer shelter to a friendly community cat that delivers a litter. The kittens are also spayed and neutered before being given away on rehoming sites such as craiglist and Pinellas County Pets Needing Homes. This is an area that Operation:SNIP plans to target more if funding is awarded.
Total number of sterilization surgeries projected:
Cats: 400    Dogs:  100 
Total budget requested (Budget should not exceed $25,000): $25,000.00 
Average cost/surgery projected: $50.00 
Describe any expenses that are not included in the grant and how they will be paid for (for example, vaccines, microchipping, ear notching, etc.):
Owner or caregiver is responsible for other services such as vaccines, microchips, flea and heartworm preventative. There is no charge for ear notching for community cats
Describe any other funding sources for this program, i.e. other grants, targeted fundraising efforts, budget allocation, etc.
Operation:SNIP encourage the community that comes to our clinic to offer a donation to FIX PINELLAS.
What percent of the total cost of the program would this projected grant cover?
All projects must be completed within 12 months of receipt of funding.
Projected start date: 09/01/17/     Projected end date: 08/31/18
Unexpended funds
Any unexpended funds must be refunded to Florida Animal Friend within 30 days of the end of the project.

Requests for extensions
Requests for time extensions are discouraged and not often granted. If it is imperative to request an extension, such request must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the end of the project. It is FAF’s policy to seldom grant more than a 30-60 day extension.

Failure to submit reports and requests within the required time period will impact your agency’s future grant applications.
Future Funding to Sustain Public Spay/Neuter
*Explain how the organization plans to fund this program in the future. Having sustainable plans including other grants, local donations and other services generating revenue enhances the chances of receiving this grant.
Operation:SNIP works closely with Pinellas County Animal Services and has been awarded funding for low income residents the past two years. We currently are working with Petco Foundation and the Bissell Animal Partners grants that Operation:SNIP was awarded. FIX PINELLAS is a program Operation:SNIP created that encourages clients to "Spay It Forward." We will continue to rely on funding through grant awards, in kind donations from our supporters as well as looking for sponsorships.
Promotion of Florida Animal Friend Spay/Neuter License Plate
*Applicants selected for funding are expected to publicize their grant in support of their spay/neuter program and promote the sale of the Animal Friend license plate via press releases, newsletters, website links, social media, etc. Please describe your plan to promote the Florida Animal Friend Spay/Neuter License Plate. Grantees are required to submit documentation of promotional endeavors with their final report.
Operation:SNIP is already promoting the new Florida Animal Friend Spay/Neuter License Plate with brochures in our lobby. We have a link to Florida Animal Friend on our website. We will plan to submit a press release to our local newspaper as well promote on facebook.