Success Stories from Florida Animal Friend Grant Organizations


“We are incredibly grateful to be a recipient of the 2017 Florida Animal Friend grant. Thanks to the grant, we are able to provide a concentrated TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) effort – an issue very near and dear to our hearts. The grant allows us to offset the costs of spaying and neutering these homeless cats to prevent future litters, as well as provide vaccines and additional medical care as needed. Life on the streets is not easy for these cats. We are doing our part to make sure they have every opportunity to live a happy, healthy life. Thank you to Florida Animal Friend and to all the people who have made the grant possible by purchasing the Animal Friend license plates. Together we are making the world a more compassionate place for animals.”

Dina Athanassie
Outreach & Events Manager
Animal Coalition of Tampa


“Thanks to this grant, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, INC has been able to prevent the birth of thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens. Together with Florida Animal Friend we have prevented animals from being born to a life of misery, abandonment, and neglect. Residents benefiting from this service are truly grateful for this opportunity as many express the following sentiment, ‘I wanted to do this a long time ago but was unable to afford it, thank you!'”

Norma Torres


“The Florida Animal Friend grant was a huge help to us in allowing us to spay/neuter almost 500 dogs belonging to low income families. These dogs would not have been spayed/neutered without the availability of the grant. Some of these dogs were on the verge of being relinquished by frustrated owners who were having to deal with inherent issues associated with having intact pets. Funds received from this grant literally helped us save lives. Thank you!”

Kim Staton
CAWA, Director
Osceola County Animal Services


“Thanks Florida Animal Friend….Without your help we would not be able to access as many low-cost spay/neuter appointments to add to our usual TNR numbers. Please purchase a Florida Animal Friend license plate! Each purchase means organizations like ours can continue to help control the ongoing overpopulation of pets in Florida!!”

Glenda Sparnroft
Fortunate Ferals


“Thanks to a grant from Florida Animal Friend, the Animal Shelter Foundation was able to start a new Community Spay/Neuter program that includes transportation once a month from a local community center targeted towards areas where intakes are high, and includes community cats. In the first 3 months, we were able to fix 80 animals! Teaming up with a low-cost clinic, two other non-profits and the City and County has made this a huge success! In addition, we were able to expand our voucher program with our local veterinarians, distributing an additional 50 vouchers to pet owners that live in our targeted area. We could not have done this without the Florida Animal Friend grant!”

Lauren Perlman
Vice President
Tallahassee Animal Shelter Foundation